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If you are thinking of booking a Tarot reading with Fran then I urge you to do so immediately!

Her professionalism, positivity, and warm nature are sure to take any nerves you might have out of the experience.

She is frequently scarily accurate and has been quickly able to see intimate details of my life through her cards. She offers reassurance and guidance where necessary. I truly believe she is honest, if she doesn’t get much from a specific card at first, she is honest about this and moves on, returning to it later.

She has accurately predicted events in my future to do with my family life and career, and even predicted a future relationship. This prediction was so accurate and in such detail, that when I first met this person it was in the exact situation she had described, and he was wearing the exact outfit she had described.

I have recommended her to friends who have also received accurate comments on their lives and predictions for their futures, which have quickly come true.

Overall, she is a fantastic Tarot Card Reader and Psychic. l would recommend anyone with any issue to give Fran a call and be ready to be truly amazed.

Jess, Rugby

Initially Fran read the tarot cards for me, whereby many of the aspects from my life have since amazingly come true. Then she mentioned that she also reads from jewelry whereby she gains more psychic insights. Fran used my bracelet which is very personal to me, and among many things she she told me she saw “a guy next to a lake.” There was a guy who I fancied at that time, who was actually on holiday more likely by the sea. Next day, he sent me photos from his holiday and to my amazement one picture was of him by a lake! I did not expect it at all! She was also very accurate in many other things in my current life circumstances. I also witnessed her reading from a ring of a friend. We were all amazed by how she described exactly what was currently going on in her life. She told her about her new job and the relationship she had with her new boss and described her personality and looks to a T! I definitely recommend Fran, if you require an amazingly accurate reading and to find out what the future holds!
Petra, London

Mindblowing reading experience with Fran! I’m generally slightly skeptic of psychics clairvoyants etc yet I literally had goosebumps at the accuracy of my reading with Fran. Her reading inspires confidence authenticity and more importantly truthfulness. This was my first reading with her. She did not ask me anything about my current life situation yet was able to bring up whats been on my mind without questioning me or me volunteering any background info. I am thankful how she gave me insight clarity and focus to my current situation. I have been recommended to her by my friend who also had a wonderfully accurate reading few months ago and now predictions Fran made for the future are now manifesting in her life, including meeting a new romantic interest who is an architect exactly the profession predicted. Fran also predicted his initial E which turned out to be exactly that! Would definitely see her again I found her truly helpful. Highly recommended.

Zara, London

Absolutely amazed !!!!! I didn’t believe in tarot readings until I came across Fran. On my first reading she picked up everything that was bothering me and also guided me towards the right way. She’s a lovely lady who is always honest with her readings and helps direct you towards the right way. When ever I feel lost in a situation I always give her a call and feel much better. I’ve now been regularly getting readings from Fran, because I trust her as the predictions tend to always come true. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to get a reading done to get it done from Fran. Unlike most other tarot readers , who charge you crazy amounts she doesn’t.
Gil, Ireland

Fantastic reading form Fran. She was able to accurately guage my situation and provide details I hadn’t mentioned to anyone. Reading was constructive with an optimistic approach to problem-solving. She gave a no-nonsense, no-frills analysis of my life situation and was able to do so with astonishing precision. Very happy to spoken to her and hope to keep updated in the future.
Mr D. Cureton, London

Wow! I am truly amazed again! I have been to see Fran for a reading twice in person now and she is absolutely outstanding! Everything she said in the first reading came true… She even predicted my boyfriend would propose, and sure enough a few months later, he did!!! She also said my work place would go through changes which I should be wary of… again, this also happened a few months later…. I was very keen to return to see her for a second face to face reading, so that’s exactly what I did yesterday….. she gave me sound advice and options about what to do regarding my work situation, and I’m feeling far more positive concerning this…. She also emphasised I’ve got so much to look forward to, so I will make sure that nothing overshadows the brilliant people and adventures i have in my life! I felt fantastic walking out of the tarot reading! Thank you Fran! You’re the best!
Julie, London

I just want to thank Fran for her amazing reading. This has been my 3rd time consulting her and all 3 times most of what she predicted has become true. She does not just read the cards but also guide your path. With the given clarity in her reading I could took some life decision where I have been stuck for ages. She is really gifted.

I have recommended her to my friends and family and so far everyone is happy with her reading. She always take her time to ensure your burning questions are answered.

Thank you so much for your help and guidance .

Laura, Reading

An amazingly accurate reading from Fran! I am so impressed yet moved at the same time. Especially the reading about my mum this was pretty much spot on; actually reminded me to check on her more often. Even more so, the description of my love life was surprisingly true and she got the details of a recent situation that happened regarding this bang on. She also mentioned a new individual in the new future which I have already seen occurring. Her spoken account couldn’t have amazed me more – it was the details that were incredible. I would definitely recommend Fran for a precise reading.
Saffey, Colchester

Fran was a great Tarot card reader and immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed about my first ever reading. She was very thorough and explored every card and all the possibilities they were showing her.

Her readings have been very accurate: within the first few days of our session, two of the things she predicted had happened regarding my boyfriend and a pet.

Her character descriptions of family and friends were spot on – she’s a very perceptive reader. The accuracy of what she saw about my house, a current and previous relationship, and a family member’s illness were all correct.
She also held my jewellery and I received a reading from this too. Fran described a man whom I immediately recognised as my Grandad: the way he dressed, his mannerisms and his love of animals.

Fran also said a message from him to my Nan, who is still living was that he still held ‘a deep love’ for her, my Nan said that’s how they used to describe their marriage and what’s written on his gravestone. She also reassured us that my Nan will feel his presence regularly: my Nan has always said she can tell when he enters the room, and that he follows her each time she moves house.

I’m so pleased and I totally recommend Fran for the overall experience of the reading.

Olivia, London

I have for a long time wanted to speak to a medium/ Tarot reader but was always dubious of all the fakes around. I was scared they would give me bogus information and ruin my beliefs. Then a friend mentioned Fran as he had been to her and said she was amazing. So for the first time I spoke with her last night and OMG!!!! from the first card and words out of her mouth I was blown away I said nothing didn’t want to help her maybe my little test. But with every turn of a card she hit the nail on the head EVERY time! things she can never have known not in a million years. When we finished I sat in complete shock for ages and still the same this morning. If you need a truthful accurate tarot reader/ medium call Fran I can not sing her praises enough she is true and real and can put your mind at rest she was able to tell me so much and answer questions that have long had Thank you Fran I will be calling you again
Sandee, London

Superb reading Had a brilliant incisive and very helpful reading from fran I can not thank her enough it was brilliant and has really helped me going forward I highly recommend her.her card expertise and spirit world knowledge is second to none I am so glad I went to her.
Jason, London

I was sceptical at first as I have never had a tarot reading but Fran picked up on so much of what was going on in my life and what would happen I couldn’t believe it, I would definitely go to her again.
Daisy, London

Wow! Fran is a truly gifted tarot reader! I had a half an hour phone reading with her last night and was amazed from start to finish. Fran picked up on every topic I wanted to discuss without me saying a word, and was able to provide clarity and even guidance on my current situations! I was almost speechless at certain points due to her accuracy! It was fantastic! She has given me confidence and positivity to move forward with my life and alter certain situations for the better. I now feel very optimistic about my future. She is also a lovely lady and has a great sense of humour. I will certainly be booking to have another reading with her again except I will go and see her in person for an hour next time and I look very forward to meeting her! Definitely contact Fran if you would like an incredible tarot reading!
Abi J, Phone Reading

I have been one of Fran’s regular clients for the past two years and the reason I keep coming back to her is because of her amazingly accurate predictions regarding love life, career and home amongst others. She is very patient and outlines how exactly she reads over the phone at the beginning of the call, all you have to do is to tell her when to pick the cards and she does the rest. Fran is a very gifted lady and I would highly recommend her!
Joe Montebello

Absolutely amazing! My first experience of tarot reading and mediumship. The reading via Whatsapp videocall was incredibly accurate, Fran knew things about me and my situation that I wouldn’t have thought possible. She guided me through the process clearly and without fuss. I was astounded when she knew my mother’s initial straight off and could pass on information from her that nobody else could have known. Totally blown away! An extremely rewarding and comforting experience that I would highly recommend. Wow!
Ian Hughes

My second reading with Fran was shorter but even more accurate than previous. I needed some guidance as Ive got a big decision to make. from the very beginning, when i picked the first card Fran knew that ive consulted 3 different doctors. Fran also said the middle one was the best (which in my opinion is and his advice is the one i most likely will follow).

Fran knew that my problem occurred because of the accident and bad luck (medical negligence). The spirit (my grandma) said exactly what she would have said if she was still alive. At the end Fran mentioned a young, short, Indian guy and i said none of my doctors was indian but then i realised is my physiotherapist who has been helping and guiding me. Spot on.

The way Fran described him is 100% accurate. Im very happy with this reading, it clarified things for me and made me feel better. From the bottom of my heart- thank you Fran.

My second reading with Fran was shorter but even more accurate than previous. I needed some guidance as Ive got a big decision to make. from the very beginning, when i picked the first card Fran knew that ive consulted 3 different doctors. Fran also said the middle one was the best (which in my opinion is and his advice is the one i most likely will follow).

Fran knew that my problem occurred because of the accident and bad luck (medical negligence). The spirit (my grandma) said exactly what she would have said if she was still alive. At the end Fran mentioned a young, short, Indian guy and i said none of my doctors was indian but then i realised is my physiotherapist who has been helping and guiding me. Spot on.

The way Fran described him is 100% accurate. Im very happy with this reading, it clarified things for me and made me feel better. From the bottom of my heart- thank you Fran

Ola, Clapham

Frans predictions for me came true!
I went to see Fran in October 2019 and I wanted to contact my late aunt . It was quite emotional as she definitely got through to my aunt n was very precise with details. I felt a real closure n sense of peace with Fran contacting my late aunt. Fran had also made predictions about my husband , I wasn’t having the best of time in my marriage but didn’t really tell her anything and with a reading she predicted that a divorce is being seen in 6 months time. That day when I came home, my husband had been arrested and less then a month in prison he refused even tho he agreed to at first to change his ways.

In the beginning of November 2019 I separated from him and he n its coming up to four months since n we r heading towards a definite divorce, just like Fran had predicted when she said in 6 months time. It’s quite amazing how her predictions have come true and life for me has changed for the better. Fran is someone definitely worth meeting and having a reading with!

Marjan, London

I really was amazed how spot on Fran was on my current situation. I have had good few readings with others but this by far was the best one I have had. Not only was Fran very accurate on things she was very lovely to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. I am very impressed and have recommended her to friends and family!
Keely, London

Firstly, I would like to make it very clear that I do NOT usually review any service I use or product I buy however, I honestly felt compelled to do so this time. I did not think it was possible to find someone as genuine as Fran online and I KNOW she was sent my way from a higher place. I am into spiritualism and know I have a good sense of people, my surrounding, and myself. I can most definitely say Fran’s work is outstanding! Fran is a 100% professional, warm and, authentic. When we first started and I picked my cards she only wanted to know what area of my life I was interested in exploring, I had to concentrate on my questions, and after that she was away. I was told things about my past, present and future without having to tell her anything really. Fran, confirmed things I already knew and things I had been contemplating with such accuracy. Not only did she use the Tarot cards, she also called on the spirit world to give me a complete detailed, powerful reflection of my life and my future . I would absolutely, without hesitation recommend that anyone seeking such services give Fran a go, because you will not regret it at all. I will be telling everyone I know, and will surely be booking in for future readings . She is a STAR.
Cherelle, London

I was extremely amazed by Fran’s reading, she managed to read certain personal aspects in my life. It is unbelievable how much depth and detail she knew about me and I will definitely take her advice on board. She managed to read right through me and I was surprised by the accuracy of her reading. She managed to know the most recent events in my life. I would most certainly recommend Fran, she is phenomenal!
John, London

Life changing Tarot Reading I recently had a reading with Fran. I’ve had other tarot readings and have never really been happy with them. Fran is the only reader who has inspired me to find my inner strength to overcome obstacles in my life. I know feel like I have the strength to move forward and achieve my goals. Thank you so much Fran.x
Jackie, London

I have recently had a reading with Fran tarot and it was an amazing experience. She has Answered my questions without me saying a word. I wanted to find answers about my love life and about ex boyfriend. She has describe my ex boyfriend exactly how he is. She was very positive in delivering the messages. It wasn’t the answer that I wanted to hear but I came out from there having a peace of mind as I got clarity. I would definitely recomend Fran tarot to anyone who is looking for clarity or guidance. She is very accurate in her reading. I was very happy I went to see her.
Lisa, London

This was my first session with any psychic and I must say I had an amazing experience! Fran gave very detailed information that was specific to my life and answered all of my questions in such a comforting manner, it was an emotional and exciting call. I’m amazed at how much she could find out without even meeting me in person. I am definitely returning for more and would highly recommend Fran to anyone looking for a psychic worth their time and money!
Raya A

I would highly recommend a reading with Fran. I wasn’t sure what my question was but knew I needed a reading, so I asked ‘What do I need to know?’ The things that can up we’re really applicable to my life & my worries around future events. She totally put my mind at rest with those worries. She also connected with spirt, which made my reading even more special. Definitely a lady to contact when you need some help and/or guidance or if you fancy a reading!
Michelle, Brighton

This afternoon I’ve had an amazing reading, Thank you Fran
I didnt quite know what to expect especially as it was a first for me over the telephone. Fran guided me and gave me good clear directions i would decide when to stop and pull a card. Fran was calm and prepared and didnt rush, was very accurate with her responses. This was just one Lovely to know my parents were together and the dog issue has been resolved which made me chuckle. On the earth my mum was terrified of dogs my dad always craved for a dog, he loved them.

Would recommend Fran for a reading.

Frankie, Leytonstone

Today I decided to send Fran a message and my reason for reaching out to Fran was that I had misplaced my 3 passports two months ago and Iv tried every day searching for them and spend time searching for them and holding back work feeling very stressful and holiday booked for July ,was only last year they were all renewed. waited for fran to call and straight to work she FaceTimed me and I told her I misplaced my passports Fran called up the spirit description was given where to look I started to look and Fran got deeper asking questions and then asked me to go in my bedroom and asked me to search taking everything out of the wardrobe and still nothing but later after putting back the clothes in the wardrobe I found the passports in the blazer so happy i searched before but never removed the clothes it was fran who said take everything out and what a mess I made and Fran never reminded me I have gone over my time or will charge more she amazing xxxxx
Zana, London